the office, the lover
video screen, PA system, the office too video

mexico city, 2015

episode of TV show the office re-shot after hours in an accountant's office starring new friends. New video projected from corner office window for 3 nights.

At night I would hear laughter from the other room. I remember the glare in Dwight's glasses clearly- in their lenses a simultaneous sense of sugary admiration and cringing cynicism. "Time to move along," I thought in my sleep.

I awoke in an accountant's office in a nice part of town. The sun was just showing it's cheeks above the supermarket and the accountants were crunching numbers smoking cigarettes. Their boss had just died the previous evening, they told me. He choked on a ham sandwich.

What happens when you move from being an onlooker to a participant? Life feels like a sitcom when the deja vu is everyday. Canned jokes flattened and covered, copied, repeated until they lose much of their content. They become soft puddles, places for insertion. Licked candy surfaces, the first frozen layer of possible consumption wiped away, giving way for interpretation and conflation of references. A conversation takes place.

As you pass by my window, look up. In looking, surely you will step into my office.

collaboration with Luis Zamudio
thank you to Mariana and Salomon